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  • 32157_hamburger-classico-di-suino_maxi

    Hamburger classico di Suino

    A mixture of lightly flavoured, lean meats.
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  • 52014_hamburger-di-coniglio-classico_standard

    Hamburger di Coniglio classico

    A mixture of lean, lightly flavoured rabbit meats.
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  • 60086_hamburger-di-pollo_family

    Hamburger di Pollo

    A mixture of lightly flavoured chicken meats.
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  • 60085_hamburger-di-pollo-classico_standard

    Hamburger di Pollo classico

    A mixture of lightly flavoured chicken meats.
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  • 31019_hamburger-di-suino-con-cipolla_standard

    Hamburger di Suino con cipolla

    Pork meat hamburger with onion.
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  • 31077_hamburger-di-suino-con-prosciutto_standard

    Hamburger di Suino con prosciutto

    Pork meat hamburger with cooked ham.
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  • 31091_hamburger-di-suino-con-radicchio-e-speck_standard

    Hamburger di Suino con radicchio e speck

    Pork meat hamburger with chicory and speck
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  • 31076_hamburger-di-suino-con-spinaci_standard

    Hamburger di Suino con spinaci

    Pork meat hamburger with fresh spinach
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  • 32155_hamburger-misti-di-suino_maxi

    Hamburger misti di Suino

    A mix of classic pork hamburgers with onion and spinach flavouring.
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