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  • 32040_mignon-di-salsiccia_standard

    Mignon di salsiccia

    Coarse-grained mixture of seasoned pork meat in bite size.
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  • 32052_mignon-di-salsiccia-piccante_standard

    Mignon di salsiccia piccante

    Miscela a grana grossa di carni di suino delicatamente aromatizzate al gusto peperoncino.
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  • 32037_mix-di-salsicce_maxi

    Mix di salsicce

    A mixture of fresh pork sausages made up of Salamella, Verzino and Luganega-type sausages.
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  • 60522_salsiccia-di-pollo_standard

    Salsiccia di Pollo

    A mixture of lightly flavoured, chicken and pork meat.
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  • 32014_salsiccia-luganega_standard

    Salsiccia luganega

    A mixture of lightly flavoured pork meats, in a thinner size to simplify cooking.
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  • 32001_salsiccia-verzino_standard

    Salsiccia verzino

    Balanced mixture of flavoured and spicy meat, packed into natural casings.
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