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  • Martini

    Martini (34)

  • 60452_alette-di-pollo-leggermente-piccanti_standard

    Alette di Pollo leggermente piccanti

    Serve up the decisive taste of our new chicken wings. Slightly spicy, they're prefect to share with…
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  • 52041_arrosto-di-coniglio-delle-feste-con-funghi-porcini_standard

    Arrosto di Coniglio delle feste con funghi porcini

    Roasted rabbit stuffed with porcini mushrooms and wrapped in a slice of pork bacon.
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  • 31001_arrosto-di-suino_standard

    Arrosto di Suino

    A slice of lean pork, filled with pork sausage and mushrooms, garnished with bacon and rosemary.
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  • 31055_arrosto-di-suino-tartufato-delle-feste_standard

    Arrosto di Suino tartufato delle feste

    A slice of pork stuffed with salami, flavoured with truffle and mushrooms
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  • 31124_barbecue-di-suino_standard

    Barbecue di Suino

    A choice of pork cuts perfect for barbecues: “verzino” sausages, ribs, bacon and slices of cured pork…
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  • 60644_best-burger_standard

    Best Burger

    These chicken fillet hamburgers are deliciously seasoned and rolled in breadcrumbs, providing the perfect dish for all…
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  • 60214_cordon-bleu-di-pollo_standard

    Cordon Bleu di Pollo

    Chicken Cordon Bleu filled with cooked ham and cheese.
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  • 35072_cordon-bleu-di-suino_family

    Cordon Bleu di Suino

    Pork Cordon Bleu filled with cooked ham and cheese.
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  • 60413_cotolette-di-pollo-con-spinaci_standard

    Cotolette di Pollo con spinaci

    Breaded chicken-fillet cutlets with spinach.
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  • 60574_crocchette-di-pollo-al-formaggio_family

    Crocchette di Pollo al formaggio

    Chicken nuggets filled with stringy cheese.
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