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Our History

Since 1918, a long history handed down over for four generations

The Martini Group is one of the most important enterprises of the ever-growing industrial and economic fabric of Italy

1920s – 1960s

The beginning of an Italian story

1918 – Enrico Martini founds the Enrico Martini – Cesena companyfor the trading of grain.

1935 –Young Ezio Martini starts working alongside his father Enrico, contributing to the growth of their family business

1950 – Thanks to a brilliant idea of Ezio’s, who had in the meantime graduated from the University of Bologna, the company begins to produce animal feed. The first plant is built in Longiano, where the main office and the headquarters of the Group are still located.

1970s – 1990s

The family tradition continues and an ambitious project takes shape

1970 – With the third Martini generation (Enrico, Carla, Fabio and Maria Pia) the project of an integrated food processing system is born: a single actor along the entire supply chain that can exploit its expertise, knowledge and entrepreneurial skills.

1976 – Martini, thanks to the launch of a second plant for the production of animal feed (Oristano – Sardinia), becomes the second-largest Italian operator in the field of animal feed and the company enters the Mediterranean market (Libya).

1980 – The breeding of pigs, cattle, rabbits, chickens and turkeys begins after the building of state-of-the-art facilities for the reproduction and the rearing of the different species.

1983 – Martini takes over and renovates a third production centre on the industrial port or Ravenna, which today specialises in animal feed for rabbits.

1985 – A primary phase of Martini’s supply chain is enhanced, including the supply and the import of the raw materials needed for the production of animal feed.

From 1990s to today

From animal feed to nutrition: feeding, breeding and rearing

1990 – Martini’s supply chain’s project is complete. The Group also carries out the slaughtering and the processing of meats, becoming the leader company in the sector. After a series of important takeovers, Martini has three plants working, all in Emilia Romagna: Castiglione di Ravenna for pigs, Gatteo for chickens, Savignano Sul Rubicone for rabbits.

1994 – The fourth plant for the production of animal feed is refurbished. It is located in a strategic position (Piedmont) to cover North-West Italy and expand into the French market.

1999 – Martini, voluntarily and for the first time in Italy, implements a project of traceability of the supply chain, which enables us to show even the name of the farm from which the meat comes on the label of each package. Martini’s supply chain’s project is now certified.

2002 – Martini becomes the most important rabbit breeder in Europe and opens a modern and innovative Rabbit Genetic Centre, provided with the best facilities and a top-level team of experts. The goal is to offer customers a rabbit that is completely “made in Italy”.

2003 – The company grows to have six plants for the production of animal feed with the addition of Gatteo (Emilia Romagna) for poultry, and San Salvatore Telesino (Campania), which was built for the South of Italy.

2006 – The historic companies F.lli Martini and C. S.p.A. and Silos e Mangimi Martini S.p.A. (leader in the feed industry) merge into the Società Agricola Zootecnica Marchigiana S.r.l. (specialized in livestock farming), which becomes a joint stock company under the name Martini S.p.A. All the activities of the animal husbandry department are merged in one company, with economic, organizational and logistical rationalization, for the benefit of the group and its customers. In the same year, the second production line in the Gatteo plant is completely overhauled, with extensive work carried out on the cutting room. Today, this production line is completely mechanized, and can dissect more than 5,000 pieces per hour.

2007 – The company begins the renovation of the “fourth processing line” in the Gatteo plant. The speciality foods are prepared in a new and larger location, with special changes made to the “cooked products” area that is now completely mechanized and able to offer high-quality standards, which have become a true benchmark in the market.

2008 – The robot for the selection and the automatic movement of the fresh hind legs of pork is installed in the plant in Castiglione di Ravenna. This machinery is innovative and symbolizes the desire to reinforce the Martini Group’s position as sector leader. It also offers the chance to renew and refine the warehouses and the cooling rooms for the products.

2010 – This year marks a fundamental step in the history of the Martini Group. The “Carretta” ham factory, one of the most important producers of the well-known Prosciutto di Parma, is added to the range of Martini Alimentare completing the company’s offer and allowing it to tackle new challenges in the global market of high-quality catering. Proof of this enhancement is the participation of Martini in the Food Trade Show FHC in Shanghai, in the Italian Pavilion set up by the Institute for Foreign Trade.

2011 – A project of total modernization of the production plant is implemented in Longiano. It involves complete renovation of the industrial area with installation of the most modern safety equipment for the workplace and respect the environment. Thanks to new processing lines increasing productivity, the company can face the future with optimism.

2013 – The Martini Delight Line is declared “Product of the year” 2013 and is featured on TV advertising in Italy.

Today – With the launch of the new plant of Innovative Products in Longiano, the Martini Group has strengthened its position at the forefront in production and safety.