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  • Natural Specialities

    Natural specialities (4)

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  • Breaded Specialities To Tickle Your Fancy

    Breaded specialities to tickle your fancy (9)

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  • Already Cooked

    Already cooked (4)

  • Alette di Pollo leggermente piccanti

    Serve up the decisive taste of our new chicken wings. Slightly spicy, they're prefect to share with…
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  • Best Burger

    These chicken fillet hamburgers are deliciously seasoned and rolled in breadcrumbs, providing the perfect dish for all…
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  • Crocchette di Pollo al formaggio

    Chicken nuggets filled with stringy cheese.
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  • Fegatelli di Suino

    Tasty pork liver in netting, seasoned with bay leaves
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  • Filetto al pepe verde

    Tasty sliced pork fillet, seasoned with pepper, rosemary, sage and chives.
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  • Kebab di Pollo

    A breath of fresh air in the kitchen with this kebab made solely of cooked and cut…
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  • Porchetta di Suino

    Prepared with pork meat and enriched with chosen spices the “Porchetta” is a favourite in the kitchen…
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  • Rollini dorati

    Breaded pork roulades filled with cheese and spinach.
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  • Sorrisotti di Pollo con funghi porcini

    Tasty and fun, perfect to enjoy chicken meat in a new and creative way. Filled with Porcini…
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  • Sorrisotti di Pollo con prosciutto cotto e mozzarella

    Perfect for every moment of the day, as finger food with an aperitif or at lunch with…
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