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  • 60452_alette-di-pollo-leggermente-piccanti_standard

    Alette di Pollo leggermente piccanti

    Serve up the decisive taste of our new chicken wings. Slightly spicy, they're prefect to share with…
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  • 60635_kebab-di-pollo_standard

    Kebab di Pollo

    A breath of fresh air in the kitchen with this kebab made solely of cooked and cut…
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  • 32147_porchetta-di-suino_standard

    Porchetta di Suino

    Prepared with pork meat and enriched with chosen spices the “Porchetta” is a favourite in the kitchen…
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  • 60632_tagliata-di-petto-di-pollo_standard

    Tagliata di petto di Pollo

    Tasty julienne chicken breast to add to salads or to create crispy, light dishes when served alone.…
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